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Swedish quality steel

The road to a quality product begins with the raw material. At Väderstad Components, we use only Swedish steel of the highest quality standards to ensure a perfect end result. For successful hardening, steel containing the right type of alloy is essential. Thanks to its hardenability and rigidity, press hardened boron steel is a fantastic material that gives the products their durability and impact resistance.

Väderstad Components is the largest user of boron steel in the Nordic region.

High in-house competence

Our machine systems and installations are designed, assembled and serviced by our own personnel. Even the programming and operation of robots and manufacturing plant and equipment is taken care of in-house. Having all the skills and expertise in-house is an enormous strength that is evident in terms of both quality and safety of supply.

We place high demands on personnel already at the recruitment stage. Although many of the positions require engineering degrees or other relevant academic skills, knowledge can be acquired in many ways. A common denominator for all our employees is the will to develop, further educate themselves and take responsibility.

High-tech manufacturing and press hardening

Our state-of-the-art production lines are characterized by efficiency and reliability. Each and every machine is continuously maintained and updated. The robots and control systems are programmed by our own staff and fully utilized in terms of strength and motion control.

At Väderstad Components, we have full control of the whole manufacturing process. Regular testing means we are able to guarantee the consistent high standards of quality in our production.

Manufacturing commences in one of our laser machines and then continues to the press hardening. This is where the steel simultaneously gets its shape, form and hardness. Hardening is a question of timing in terms of pressure and temperature, something that we are uniquely adept at. It is how we achieve the exact hardness and mechanical properties you require.